Our first ever tee featuring “The Blossoms” print.

100% cotton white T-shirt

Limited edition
  • Fabric: Organic Cotton
  • Machine wash cold / hang dry
  • Made in Bali
  • Model is wearing a sample size US 4 / S
  • This item is available of returns.

Questions? Please contact hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com

  • Size specifications are as follows:
    • US 0 = 85cm bust, 63cm waist, 89cm hip, equivalent to a XXS
    • US 2 = 87cm bust, 66cm waist, 92cm hip, equivalent to a XS
    • US 4 = 90cm bust, 69cm waist, 95cm hip, equivalent to a S
    • US 6 = 92cm bust, 73cm waist, 98cm hip, equivalent to a M
    • US 8 = 96cm bust, 76cm waist, 102cm hip, equivalent to a L
    • US 10 = 100cm bust, 80cm waist, 106cm hip, equivalent to a XL
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Total: $50.00

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